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Karen C. Witt, CCMT

Providing Canine Holistic Massage & additional holistic therapies.

PaWsh PaWs MassaWge is a mobile service providing therapeutic massage/sports massage/trigger point therapy & Essential Oils.

Holistic Services

Therapeutic Canine Massage

Through my experience, Essential Oils and Being a Canine Massage Therapist are two of the best therapies for bringing balance to your pup. I have always had a stronger than normal conection with animals and their energies and am very confident I can bring this to you and your pup as well. Which is why I am here, I am in Naples but will travel if needed.

Canine massage is beneficial in many ways. It boosts circulatory and immune system, encourages circulation and promotes emotional health. The 1st massage session will last about an hour, this is for me to get to know you and your dog and gather information about past illnesses, injuries, etc. Each session after will be about 30-45 minutes.    

Essential Oils & Flower Essences

Since our dogs are very sensitive to energy, Flower Essences & Essential Oils are a wonderful way to support your dogs' natural healing. These therapies are used for treating emotional behaviors which are listed from separation anxiety to fear to barking.  

Transportation Services

Providing rides to and from appointments, trips to the vet, groomers, doggie daycare and to and fro airport. 

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If your pup has arthritis, hip dysplasia or any ailment from aging, massage can greatly decrease the pain from arthritis hip dysplasia, etc. . After surgery patients recovery time and soreness can subside faster than usual with massage. Puppies and they're wonderful energy, athletes and stretching & checking range of motion & these are just a few benefits massage brings to your pups life.

We also provide essential oils and flower essences for behavior issues and emotional well being.

Welcome to Pawsh Paws MassaWge for Canines

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