About Me

Karen Witt, CCMT & Walker Crazy Canine Witt

Karen Witt & Walker 

My goal is to bring health, physical and emotional and balance to your dogs wellbeing.. Massage has many benefits that will boost the immune system, improve mental health and many more. I began this journey into alternative and holistic canine therapies after my 13 year old Dobbie mix, my heart and soul, Walker passed away. I had Walker from 4 weeks of age until 13 years old. Throughout his life he suffered from allergies and ear infections, bad teeth.He developed fatty tumors and arthritis and was prescribed medication for inflammation and pain. I did everything I was told to by the vet. But I never knew about alternative or holistic treatments at the time. Walker passed at 13 years old from kidney failure. With my studies of holistic treatments and massage, I realized the combination of holistic tratments paralleled to my veterinarian services will be beneficial to my pooches overall wellbeing, spiritual, mental and physical.

I provide not only holistic massage but I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and also use Flower Essences and Essential Oils to treat unwanted behavior.

Maintaining a dog's piece of mind is an important aspect of their health. My objective is to look beyond the obvious and listen to what the body and muscles are telling me. This is what I bring to your dog and to you. This will strengthen the bond between you and your pooch.