Essential Oils & Essences

Essential oils are formulated to work in harmony with the body and have an ability to affect a person’s well-being.

Many pets have dramatic improvement in their response to stress and anxiety with the use of oils. 

They affect animals down deep, at the cellular level, positively impacting neurochemistry and biochemistry. This, of course, makes for more balanced, happier patients who are also regaining physical health. 

When animals become dependent on their owners for food, shelter and waste disposal, the environmentally conscious decisions must be made by the humans. And our furry children deserve natural and holistic care, too! From shots and grooming to fleas and food, there is a lot to cover in this space. As always, talk to your vet (and seek out a natural vet! they do exist!) if your pet has any pre-existing conditions, or even just to get their feedback. Not all vets will have heard of or approve of natural pet care, so don't hesitate to get more than one opinion. And better yet, point them in this direction so they can check things out for themselves.

So, how do we connect all this to our pet.  The way we (you and I) choose which essences are the correct ones for your pet we will go through a detailed questionnaire. Each flower essence will address a specific, different behavior in your pet. According to the test results we will create a Rescue Remedy. Concidering we are only using a few drops of each oil we add either coconut oil or grapeseed oil. This is usually administered through a diffuser and used for one month. 

Karen C. Witt, CCMT

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