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Holistic Therapies & PaWsh PaWs

Holistic Health should be viewed as a lifestyle of one's physical and emotional wellness. When an animal feels love and content, your animal’s “life energy” is balanced emotionally and physically. Their healing capacities will ward off most of the health problems that otherwise may occur. When illness or injury does present itself, the animal's system is ready and has a strong immune system to heal.

Proper nutrition plays a major role in the overall health of our pets. A healthy diet will not only help prevent disease but keeps our pets immune system strong, and keeps their bones, muscles, skin and coat healthy. Considering all dogs are just as different from each other as humans are, it is best to consult a Nutritionist. There is also information listed online to educate yourself to understand what your dog may need and not need, considering the breed, age and energy levels, etc. You can learn as an owner how to read labels and assess them, learn to stay away from inflammatory ingredients. If there is a specific issue with your dog’s diet please contact me and I can refer you to a Canine Nutritionist or a Holistic Vet.

It’s also important to create a wellness team that should consist of a Veterinarian, Holistic Therapist, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Animal Communicator and any other healing practices.

If you are scheduled for a massage or would like to make an appointment, please let me know if you would be interested in “Grading your Dog’s Food”.  I can provide you with an information packet on who, what, when, where and why regarding your dogs nutrition and choice of food. Also, I can provide a list of references for Holistic Nutritionist, etc. If  you should have any additional questions, I will of course address them during the session.