My Promise To My Furry Clients & Owners

PaWs and myself, Karen Witt (owner) Promise:

I will always follow the IIAMB Standards and Practice/Code of Ethics, will always conduct business and professional activities with honesty and integrity. I will respect the person and the animal(s) and will maintain a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality of care that is within my scope of practice. I will respect the inherent worth of all persons and animals. Acknowledge the limitation of and contradictions for massage and bodywork and will refer clients to the appropriate health professional.  

I will always be prepared & well balanced and grounded during our sessions in order to look beyond the obvious. If there are any behavioral issues or emotional issues I will be able to notice the signs and treat any issues in that manner with the proper essential oils to contradict those actions and eventually bring peace and calmness to the issues.

My goal is to see your pup balanced and healthy and happy.